• Wood
  • Sheet steel
  • Painted epoxy steel
  • Polyvinyl chloride

Door from garage and door of income in harmony with the exclusive line of products with author design. This look coordinated is rendered thanks to produced the range new possible. If up to now the only "business card" were constituted from the income door, hour also the door of Your garage can opportunely be decorated, contraddistinguendo Your house!

Quality and emergency, aesthetic and comfort, technology very experienced thanks to the 50 years of know-how in the construction of doors, portoni and motorizations: one immense variety of models in tune with the architecture.

The portoni seziona them are distinguished for the elevated quality of the material and the working, for the maximum comfort in the use and for the emergency in the operation


The elegant ones portoni seziona them automati to us are opened vertically sliding towards the high. Thanks to this constructive principle offer to maximum space are to the inside of the garage that in the before zone and allows to have use of nearly entire of the passage.