Industrial shed to portale without intermediate chain, supplied of moncherini knits you to the columns and of ways of race.

Particular of cover of an industrial shed. It can be noticed that to the main beam they have been knits you of the moncherini constructed in sheet and that the coupling of the secondary beams is guaranteed by means of bullonato joint.

Widening in vertical sense of industrial shed. In this case it has been searched the snellezza of the structure in order to limit most possible forebodies on the existing building.

Galvanized prefabbricata metallic structure to warmth to use trades them destined to the cover of a supermarket. The columns have been berthed to the pillars in C.A. and the main beams have a jolt of 16 m. The arcarecci of cover and perimetrale tamponamento they are in profile to Omega.


The main structure is constituted from profiles rolled steels to full spirit (columns and beams), the steps and the pianerottoli in are grilled anti-heel pierced opportunely determine the proportions, the parapets in are grilled printed. All purposely assembled in workshop and rifinito in yard in order to supply every the complete job in its part. The surface treatment of galvanizing supplies an optimal outer cover in order to guarantee the duration in the time.

soppolaco constituted in laminated beams to zezione full spirit. This type of structures is a lot used in the case in which it agrees to take advantage of the space available in vertical sense.
The structure is complete of parapets with strike-foot in printed publication sheet and of scale for the arrival directed to the plan, anch' it completes of every particular in order to render it fit for use. The stamping plan has been realized in grilled bugnato, piercing and galvanizing with elevated characteristic of resistance and brightness also for the below surface.