• REI 60 – REI 120 doors
  • REI 30 – REI 60 hotel doors
  • Smoke evacuators
Wood fire-barrier doors
Wood fire-barrier doors

Anta tamburata in sheet galvanized covered in pvc, painted, color clear gray, high coibentazione with materials insulators to densità.Telaio angling to Z on 3 sides with applied termoespandente packing. Motivating force of callback inserted on one hinge, handle in pvc with spirit in steel. Controserratura on two ante with release automatic rifle, braccetto regolator closing.

Anta tamburata in plasticized sheet 8/10 milimeter, coibentazione with insulating materials, without struck inferiore.Telaio to angle in outlined of galvanized 18/10 and painted steel sheet with zanche walling. Accident-prevention handle. Kit Afonico: comprising several equipments of packings in order to catch up the wished acoustic isolation (from 32 to 43 db)

Smoke evacuators