To whom we address to and what kind of products we offer…
  • Supporting the « RESOURCES MANAGER » : we seek and suggest products and methods, according to budget requirements, in order to reach set goals.
  • Supporting the « DESIGN » : we define and suggest specific details concerning the selected products, in order to fit them into structures, links, safety and subjections. We have got experience to define and realize projects; furthermore, we are supported by the technical staff of the companies we represent.
  • Supporting the « BUILDER » : we cooperate to organize the building yard, as regards time, intervention methods, unloading, care, delivery and setting up of our products.
  • Supporting the « PURCHASING DEPARTMENT » : we work out clear detailed competitive offers, following the standards of the project. We define all conditions of the order, according to the laws in rule, searching for the right balance between contractor’s and customer’s needs.
  • Supporting the « APARTMENT HOUSE MANAGER » : we suggest products and solutions that fit to restore and renovate places, buildings or properties, in accordance with the law, taking responsibility not only for the supply but also for the properly done setting up.

… shortly : we warrant you a quality purchase.